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Richard Schiffer
Vorgartenstrasse 144 / 15
1020 Vienna / Austria
+ 43 699 1 925 22 71


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Richard Schiffer: all rights reserved

Thanks to
Reinhard Leeb,
Alex Bäres,

Kerstin Seper engl. Corr.

L. Eric, Reinhard Leeb, Frederic Schiffer, Richard Schiffer



“One could get the impression that I just carve Netsuke. For me it feels more like a Netsuke lives in me and expresses itself through me."

Short Resume:

born 1968

Sculptor College in Hallstatt

after that self-employed conservator

Astrologer since 1990 >> Link

Work with Netsuke since 1994 >> Link

various jobs in commerce from 2000 to 2004

since 2004 for siemens promotion services >> Link

since 2005 >> Link