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I have the greates respect for the Aboriginal people who preserve the sound of the Yidaki.

For me the Didgeridoo is a wonderful instrument to express myself through sounds. Above all I am inspired by the the dust, the rythm and the people in the streets.

Czaba Janos 1995 - 2000
Mark Atkins 1998
Steven Kent 1999
Ganga Giri 2003

since 08 2006 as "ososhormigueros"
at vernissages of friends
at small events

If you want to learn the art of „circular breathing“, send me an email


Pictures top down:

>> Cover "the take one tape"

>> Frederics Kindergarden

>> Real work on Thomas party

>> ososhormigueros 1

>> with Arno in Gnaixendorf and Linz/Danube